Friday, October 31, 2008

Evil Plot or True Confession?

Ok, so I just went to throw out the packaging from my brand-new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mophead.  On the side it shows you when to replace it, showing a really hideously grody mophead that has been used "many many times."  Um... mine looks just like that.  Not the old one I just replaced.  The new one I just used.  One time.  

This could mean one of two things.  I am a really crap housekeeper (sorry Mom!) who cares nothing for the health and wellbeing of my family and would rather be blogging or scrapping or reading or whatever else seems remotely interesting to do while the kids are at school.  OR.  It is an evil plot on the part of Mr. Clean to convince us to continually buy more mopheads, sponges and other kinds of toxic cleaning products that make our houses look shiny and clean but also pollute the earth and our lungs while simultaneously putting more of our hard-earned (but now less interest earning) cash into their pockets.  Hmmm.  

I'm going with the Evil Plot Theory, people.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am a Garage Goddess

I went to Sears and navigated through the tool aisles.  I bought the correct items.  I got up on the ladder without it collapsing under me.  I didn't bump my head, electrocute myself or start a fire.

And if all that were not enough, folks, I (yes, me!) reprogrammed not one! but two! garage door opener remotes correctly.  In under 30 minutes.

If you knew me at all, you would know what a seriously amazing accomplishment this is.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tooth Fairy Mystery

M. lost his tooth at school.  We forgot to put it under his pillow so we did it the next night.  I remember thinking "oh I am too tired.  I better tell D. to do the tooth fairy duties before he comes to bed."  And that was the last I thought or did anything about it until the next morning.  M. was already  awake but hadn't looked under his pillow yet.  I couldn't think of a way to get in there and make the exchange without him seeing me.  He knocked on the bathroom door to tell me the Tooth Fairy left him a gold coin, but that the tooth was still there.  I explained that TF must have been in a hurry since he'd said 4 kids in his class lost their teeth over 2 days.  She'd just come back for it later (but he wouldn't get any more $).  Later I thanked D. for remembering. He said he didn't do it.  I told him to stop kidding.  He was insistent that he did not put the coin under the pillow.  I know I didn't.  So who did?