Wednesday, February 13, 2019

17 Things About You at Age 17

  1. You have your driver's permit and have been practicing several times a week with Dad, who reports that you are a careful driver.
  2. Kingdom Hearts IV was completed in 30h; Secret playthrough 34h
  3. You also spent quite a bit of time in the midst of those 30 hours trying to teach your brother how to play because you knew he would like all the Disney characters.  You are a really great brother.
  4. You even convinced me to have a go and didn't laugh when I couldn't push all the buttons at the same time.
  5. You will be graduating high school early, in August 2019 if all goes according to plan.
  6. You're taking your time figuring out what is next, wanting to make a good decision and one that is right for you.
  7. Bananas disappear as soon as we bring them home, no matter how many we buy.  
  8. Some days you walk home from school rather than take the bus, even though it takes longer.
  9. You loved seeing Hamilton when it toured here recently (Thank You Dad!).
  10. Your favorite Christmas gift this year was the Nintendo Switch.
  11. Your fashion choices still lean towards shirts with hoods, colored sneakers, anything soft.
  12. Your sweet tooth seems to have disappeared.  Unless tiramisu is on offer.
  13. You still have the BEST laugh.  
  14. You would like to get back into martial arts and are investigating the different types.
  15. You are still a night owl and mornings are hard.
  16. You almost always have your sketchbook with you.  Doodling, working out animations, just thinking through your fingers.
  17. Dad took you and your cousin to Otakon this past summer and it was awesome!  You've already got reservations for this year and another cousin will also be joining in the fun.

  1. You joined the Unified Bowling Team at school and you are really enjoying bowling with your school friends, and taking the bus back and forth to matches.
  2. This brings your activities to: dance, special olympics swim team, special olympics bowling team and now unified bowling team.  
  3. When you bowl well, you have to give EVERYONE a high five.
  4. You really really really want to go to Hawaii.  And while you're there you want to drink a pineapple smoothie while wearing a hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and a straw hat.
  5. You actually passed up a plate of pasta the other day in favor of a salad (I took your temperature!)
  6. Going out to eat is still your favorite thing.  It doesn't matter where.
  7. You really like the Muppet movies lately.  And Incredibles2.
  8. You don't fuss too much when it's time to do homework.
  9. You're still a lark and on the weekends you are the first one up.  You'll make your own breakfast and then settle in with your iPad.
  10. Your fashion choices are still solid colored shirts or ones with funny graphics of your favorite characters.  Hawaiian shirt when you need to be a little more dressed up. And a different hat every day.
  11. You got a fancy hat rack for Christmas which makes it so much easier to pick out the perfect one each morning.
  12. You insisted that we buy a scarf loom and some yarn when we were at the craft store.  But so far you're not that interested in actually doing it.  You picked out some really nice yarn though!
  13. When your brother sings too loud you tell him to be quiet.  Then you get up and give him a hug.
  14. You're already talking about camp even though it is months and months away.
  15. If anyone leaves a drink or snack unattended, you like to finish it off and then you turn yourself in and we have to make a big show of being annoyed.  So funny!
  16. You love jokes now!  Miss M put a whole bunch of corny ones on your iPad and you put a plastic snake in your brother's water bottle.  
  17. You did your first internship at the end of the school year last year, helping out at the food pantry.  You did great and felt really proud of yourself!  This year's rotations will be starting soon so we can't wait to see what you will be doing.