Sunday, August 15, 2010

They're a Great Team

This morning D. and I woke up to our sons proudly bringing us breakfast in bed. M. operated the toaster, P. buttered and cinnamoned the toast. P. got out the bottle of juice, M. poured it. M. scooped out the yogurt for the parfait, P. put the berries in. P. decided ice cream would be good, M. scooped it. P. sang up the stairs, M. carried the tray.

Could they be any cuter? That's why I write this stuff down, so we'll all remember.

Who Knew?

Apparently, if you angle the jets in the whirlpool tub just so and let out just enough water, you can have a nifty water cannon that shoots hot soapy water out the bathroom door and down the stairs!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

And the Angels Sang "Ahhhh-ahhhhh-ahhhhhhh"

Is there anything quite like putting on a new pair of glasses and realizing just how much you weren't seeing with the old ones? And I can read with these ones too!