Monday, November 26, 2007

I Should Listen to Oprah More Often

For the past few months, my boobs have been feeling different. Not painful, no lumps or bumps or visible changes, but just... there. You know how suddenly you're very conscious of a body part that was "invisible" before? Still, I was considering moving my mammogram appointment up because clearly something was not right. (You've made your appointment, haven't you?)

Then at the gym, I'm flipping through an old issue of "O" in an effort to trick my mind into thinking that I'm not really exercising but am home in my pajamas reading a magazine, when I come across this article that says 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Hmmmm. Might that be my problem? When I get home I take a look at my under garments. And I have to say, they look pretty sad. I can't tell what size they are because all the writing has been rubbed off the tags, but the few sports bras I have say 36B (I don't wear those that much). Come to think of it, I don't remember the last time I went bra shopping. It's entirely possible that I purchased these before I got pregnant. That's rather sad and pathetic, isn't it? Maybe there needs to be an article about how old your bras are! So I go and get myself measured and I'm a 38C! I had to go to Target anyway and found some nice comfy cotton ones (and I got some new underwear too, since I figure I haven't shopped for those in 6 years either). I'm happy to say that after a week of wearing new bras, my boobs have gone back to invisible status.

Yeah. That Oprah knows what she's talking about.

Friday, November 23, 2007


M. has been talking about Christmas since August but with the start of kindergarten, Halloween and various other events, we have been able to distract him. The requests to bring up the decorations, the videos, the books, anything Christmas have been becoming more frequent as stores turn red & green and people start putting up their outdoor lights and decorations before the snow and ice arrive.

Last night driving home from Thanksgiving dinner, there was considerable excitement in the back seat. An unmistakable feeling of "Thanksgiving is over. Come on Christmas!" We declined to empty the Christmas Closet right then and there, but allowed that the books and videos (of which we have a considerable collection) could come out of storage. Each boy got to pick one video to watch before bed and we parents held firm to our resolve of "no more!" This morning M's eyes were barely open when he was lobbying for the tree to come up. Over breakfast he argued that the tree would look sad without the lights. Now it's lunchtime and he's begging for ornaments. This child is relentless when there is something he wants. I will have every sympathy for his future wife (but no advice, I'm afraid!). P. is more subtle. He doesn't ask, but he's been quietly going into the family room and festooning the tree with potholders, the batman cape, a book, and a pink feather boa. Otherwise he's watching "Barney's Night Before Christmas" and doing his own version of the 12 days of Christmas dance. (I really do need to get a battery for the video camera!)

We've never begun decorating this early before. The rest of the downstairs is total chaos as I continue to strip wallpaper and will try valiantly to get the painting done before we host Christmas dinner. I would have preferred not to introduce decorations into the mess right at this moment, but I do have to admit that Thanksgiving is over...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A few new things I'm loving:

These have been heavily advertised in the scrapping magazines for months and I have been anxious to get a look at them. Finally, they are available and oh so cute! I've got a few of the "Believe" ones for Christmas projects but I can't tell you any more in case the recipients are listening...

How can a magazine junkie and organizing freak not love this?All kinds of tips, tricks, storage containers and interviews with organized people I aspire to be like. I'm putting a subscription on my wish list for Santa.

The two classes I'm taking at Big Picture Scrapbooking. One is gift projects that can be made in two hours or less. Lots of inspiration, doable projects and gifts that people will actually use! Just what I needed to get the holiday gift giving season rolling. The other class is on wellness. More inspiration, tips on exercise and nutrition, and the knowledge that lots of other women are struggling with the same things I am. I've renewed my commitment to getting healthy. My classmates are very inspiring and giving ladies, I am getting so much from visiting the galleries and message boards every day -- I've done more layouts this past two weeks than I've done in 6 months. Gotta love it when creativity and practicality merge. Thanks Kolette & Lisa!

And I'm very excited about these returning favorites:

I was a late convert to Project Runway since we don't have regular tv (long story). But once I found the DVDs on Netflix, I was hooked and having fashion marathons after the boys went to bed. (Isn't it every girl's dream at some point to be a fashion designer? It seems to be the natural evolution from ballerina.) The Season 3 DVD just came out last week and I'm halfway through (don't tell me who won). Season 4 starts tonight and I need to find someone with cable to go watch with because no way am I waiting a year to see it. D. doesn't get the whole attraction and keeps telling me to go to bed and get some sleep already. But then, but he's not a woman or a gay man (thank goodness). :-D May I say how much I adore Tim Gunn? I can?Ok. I absolutely adore Tim Gunn.
Victoria has returned! What a surprise that was at the magazine section of Wegman's. Oh, did I mourn this magazine's passing. I loved everything about it: the photography, the articles, the recipes, the gentility, the Victoria of it all. Now it's back and it looks exactly the same. It's like being in a time warp, but in a really good way. Maybe this should go on my Santa wish list too.