Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Local Woman Injured in Avalanche

Rescue workers were dispatched this morning in aid of a woman buried in piles of wrinkled clothing. "I've never seen anything like it." a shaken rescue worker told the News. It took workers several minutes to locate the woman, who was treated at the scene with chocolate and caffeine. She is expected to make a full recovery. Her naked family was extremely relieved, as well as a little cold and embarrassed.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

As Much As I Hate To Admit It, Leonard Cohen, You Are the Man

My husband is a serious Leonard Cohen fan. He was always trying to get me to listen to some song or other. And I would run screaming from the room. Literally. While I can read his poetry or the song lyrics and agree that this is seriously good stuff, when he sings I find his voice is really irritating. Ok. It made me want to stick my head in the oven. It even became a joke over the years. "I'd rather listen to a Leonard Cohen song, than do X." "If you don't behave I'll make you listen to a Leonard Cohen song." Still when this movie came to our local theatre I was willing to book a babysitter and go. Sometimes getting out is more important than the what or where, you know? But the critics panned it and D. decided he didn't want to spend the $ to see it on the big screen. So I put it on my Netflix 'save' list for when the DVD came out and promptly forgot all about it. A year and some later, it makes its way up my queue and appears in the mailbox. So being a good wife, I get the kids to bed and go downstairs gritting my teeth in the name of marital harmony.

D. loved it (no surprise). I loved it (surprise of epic proportions). We watched it all the way through and then rewatched our favorite parts. Over the next few days we slipped it in around Monsters Inc and Bear in the Big Blue House and enjoyed a song or two. I ordered the soundtrack CD and that's been playing away upstairs in the office. We found some new artists we liked enough to buy a few more CDs (U2 and the man were the only folks in the movie we'd ever heard before). And when Leonard himself sings now, I (gulp) like it. I'm a Leonard Cohen fan. There, I said it.

Is this one of those "the longer the couple is together, the more alike they get" things? Because if I suddenly tell you that I'm going to ride 100 miles on a bike, you have to agree to slap me repeatedly until I come to my senses. Ok?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 3 Looking Better

We got up, ate an on-the-go breakfast and made it to the free movie at the local theatre by 10 am. We saw "Everyone's Hero" which was very cute and had a nice message. P. was very excited, knew why we were there and watched the whole thing with hardly a snort in earshot. Very big developmental milestone there! (I was half expecting to have to leave early.) I was also reminded that a medium size drink at the movies is an XL super jumbo size everywhere else. We'll be drinking Hi-C forever. Both boys have read or done some other educational activity for at least 45 minutes. Half of dinner is in the crockpot (taco salad) and morning glory muffins have been baked and no one chopped off their fingers. We'll head to the pool in about 45 minutes... House still looks like crap, but hey, there's always tomorrow. Or September.