Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ten Celebrations for Ten Years

We certainly didn't set out to celebrate in this way, but it could become a trend... (not really!)

  1. Cake & ice cream with the local relatives.
  2. K. takes them to SkyZone!
  3. Actual birthday - wake up to balloons, birthday treats at school, then special dinner & presents with Mom & Dad
  4. Dinner out with Grandma
  5. Visit to Strong Museum with our friends the C's and we celebrate S.'s birthday too.
  6. MagicQuest with the NJ & PA cousins.
  7. Cake & ice cream with the rest of the NJ relatives.
  8. Dinner at Friendly's (free coupons!) with our friend J. It's her birthday too!
  9. Treat (more free coupons!) at Barnes & Noble.
  10. And to round it out... the all-important spending of the birthday gift cards!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten Things About You at Age 10

Double Digits!

  1. If you could figure out how to play Wizard 101, Skype with your cousins, play on your DS, eat, and still be able to roam around the house, your life would be set.
  2. Ipod Touch!
  3. You and Dad are bonding over 3 Stooges episodes.
  4. You've got quite the witty sense of humor and are quick with plays-on-words and puns.
  5. Fourth grade has not been wonderful this year, but we're working on it.  Art Club was a bright spot.
  6. You've taken to calling your brother "B". At first I thought it was "Bee" but it's "B" as in Baby B (you, of course, were Baby A).
  7. I love that you use words like "shall" in everyday conversation.
  8. Making balloon animals is a new obsession.
  9. When you find a good book, you can't put it down.  A series is even better.  Last weekend you started and finished a 200 page book and wanted to know did we get books 2, 3 & 4 from the library too?
  10. You and Dad have been going to Mandarin Kung Fu twice a week and I catch you practicing your stances when you think no one is looking.

  1. You're starting to make up jokes and silly games and your teacher reports that you're very funny at school.
  2. If you could have the Christmas tree up all year you would.
  3. Dance class is still going great.  Once you get there, that is.
  4. The "David" books by David Shannon crack you up, and you'll sit there reading them to yourself now.
  5. You still love your hats and now you think everyone should wear one too. But oddly enough the hat love does not extend to baseball caps. You will absolutely not wear one of those. You look at me with an expression that says "Too common! Everyone wears those, darling."
  6. You've moved on from the Wiggles & Barney to Hi-5 and love to sing and dance with the show.  You also really love Signing Time and sing and sign and talk with Rachel, Leah & Alex.
  7. We got a touch screen laptop and you have been figuring it out quickly!
  8. This year at Fantasy Island we let you go on most of the rides without a grownup.  You were so proud of yourself!
  9. You love to buy lunch at school when it is spaghetti or turkey & mashed potatoes.
  10. You are only a morning person when there is no school.