Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ten Celebrations for Ten Years

We certainly didn't set out to celebrate in this way, but it could become a trend... (not really!)

  1. Cake & ice cream with the local relatives.
  2. K. takes them to SkyZone!
  3. Actual birthday - wake up to balloons, birthday treats at school, then special dinner & presents with Mom & Dad
  4. Dinner out with Grandma
  5. Visit to Strong Museum with our friends the C's and we celebrate S.'s birthday too.
  6. MagicQuest with the NJ & PA cousins.
  7. Cake & ice cream with the rest of the NJ relatives.
  8. Dinner at Friendly's (free coupons!) with our friend J. It's her birthday too!
  9. Treat (more free coupons!) at Barnes & Noble.
  10. And to round it out... the all-important spending of the birthday gift cards!

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