Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sure Signs That Your Kids Are Growing Up

Other than the obvious kids-wearing-pants-that-now-look-like-capris, I've noticed a few things lately:
  • I no longer chuck 3 stain remover sticks in my grocery cart each week.   (yes, you read that right, I used to buy 3 each and every week).  In fact, I don't remember the last time I had to buy a stain stick.  We still use them and I still keep one in each bathroom and in the laundry room but they are lasting a LOT longer.
  • Related to stain stick quantities, I'm not sweeping up as much food from under the chairs.  So if it's not on their clothes and it's not on the floor, it must be going in their bodies!  Wooohooo!  Which must be why their pants are all suddenly too short.  (Sorry boys, you'll have to look like geeks just a bit longer until it's shorts weather).
  • Another household cleaning product I no longer buy in massive quantities is Magic Eraser.  No one draws on the walls anymore, thank goodness.
  • I often find them reading books together rather than bringing one to a grownup.  While this is sweet and has me running for the camera, I hope that we're not totally outsourced as book buddies yet.
  • I can say "get in the car" and they actually go in the garage and do it.  And one of them can buckle his seat belt.  Wow.  The other one might also be able to do it with a bit of practice, but if I show him how to buckle it, that means he would also know how to UNbuckle it and I'm just not willing to go there right now.
  • Ditto when I say "get dressed" or "get undressed." 80% of the time it actually happens and the dirty clothes end up in the hamper.   Except for socks, but hey, every home needs a few socks strewn about to make it look lived in.
  • I almost never have to clean pee off the floor or the wall anymore (aiming takes practice and parental patience).  I only have to wipe the seat half the time.
  • Everybody knows which recycling bin is which.
  • I have help setting the table, putting the groceries away and dusting (Ok, that's not totally honest.  I never dust.  But when we're having company and I notice it needs to be done, I get volunteers).
  • They notice what's on the car radio and now I have to give them equal time.
  • They order for themselves when we go to a restaurant (I only have to translate a bit for P.)
  • We can sit through an entire movie at the theatre.
  • Homework!