Thursday, July 2, 2009

And That, Gentlemen, is an Example of How NOT to Behave

It must be my week for peeves.

Ok, as much as I hate inappropriate cell phone use, intentional rudeness is worse. We should all be reminded on a daily basis that the world and its inhabitants do not revolve around us.

The boys and I were eating lunch in the cafe at our local Wegmans when a young woman started berating the elderly gentleman sitting behind her. Apparently, she was studying for an exam and was bothered by his loud cell phone conversation. What ensued was a much much much louder argument.

I sat there in amazement. What has happened to common courtesy? Both parties were in the wrong, but a public screaming match was totally unmerited. My only consolation was that (surprisingly) no swearing was involved. She could have moved if she was bothered by the noise or found a more appropriate place to study. He could have used a headset or earpiece if he had trouble hearing or found a more appropriate place to talk. Either of them could have made their grievances known to each other in a polite manner, if they felt the need to say anything at all.

He finally got up and left. She spent the next 10 minutes glaring at the rest of us with her hands over her ears. And then someone else sat behind her and whipped out their cell phone.

By then we were done eating, so we left. But talk about teachable moments!