Friday, January 9, 2009

Project 365 and One Little Word

After a lot of deliberation, I've decided that my One Little Word for 2009 is Health. Sure, it's about physical well being. Everyone in the free world is resolving that this week and I'm no different. But I'd like my word to encompass more than that.  Mental health, financial health, emotional healthy, relationship health, keeping the whole family healthy... That's probably way too much for one little word to handle.  But I'll give it a go.

Have you heard of Project 365?  You take one photo a day for a year.  It sounded daunting until I realized that I carry the camera everywhere I go anyway.  I took 190 photos in September 2008 alone.  So 365 in a year should be pretty easy.  We'll see!  Click on the Flickr badge on the left to follow along.

1 comment:

Kristine McKowen said...

I'll watch for your photos. Maybe I will try this (starting late of course) being my camera is always with me anyway too.