Sunday, March 22, 2009

7 Things About You at Age 7

  • When you're not reading everything in sight, you're writing and illustrating your own stories.
  • You still like to snuggle with a grownup and read chapter books together though.
  • You just discoved Webkinz and all the online fun you can have with them.
  • Chicken fingers are your new favorite food.
  • You started karate and love it.
  • You're very sensitive and empathetic and because of this, you've been visiting the school nurse a lot lately (mostly for reassurance).
  • Art is still your favorite subject
  • Woody from "Toy Story" is your almost constant companion (you have two of them).
  • Lately you prefer to watch the outtakes from a movie rather than the movie itself.
  • Your favorite book is "Too Many Toys" by David Shannon.
  • Pasta is still your favorite meal, but now you'll eat mashed potatoes and gravy.
  • Swimming is still your best thing.
  • Cookie Monster makes you laugh really hard!  
  • Ever since you saw "Ratatouille" you want to help cook dinner and read cookbooks.

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