Friday, May 28, 2010

8 Things About You at Age 8

1. You are into trading card games. Any and all of them. Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Dinosaur King, 39 Clues... If there are cards to collect, play with and trade, you're in.
2. You're developing your own sense of style. Graphic tshirts, dragon pendants on a leather choker and Silly Bandz. You're pretty cute.
3. You decided on your own to audition for a speaking part in the Second Grade play. And you got one of the leads! You've also asked to take Irish dance lessons.
4. At the lunch table you and your friends discuss economics, theories about the Bermuda Triangle, the existence of alien lifeforms, inventions the world needs, and the differences in various religious traditions. I am totally blown away by that.
5. You put all the change in your piggy bank in a donation bin to help underprivileged kids go to camp.
6. You're a really great brother. I love seeing the bond between you and P. You can always make him laugh. You never think twice about helping him, playing with him, translating for him and advocating for him. He's lucky to have you.
7. You still love sugar above all things. With french fries and chicken fingers coming in a close second.
8. You still really hate it when we have to wash your hair or cut your nails. But you're a lot less whiny about it than you used to be.

1. You still love all things Toy Story. We're definitely going to see TS3 in the theatre as soon as it's released!
2. You will eat frozen meatballs if I don't catch you fast enough.
3. Swimming is still your favorite but you're starting to enjoy running too.
4. You just got a STAR award at school for showing the most growth over the school year.
5. A 1929 Model-T Ford drove into the parking lot of a local diner while we were having dinner. You turned to me in great excitement and said "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!"
6. You're a really great brother. I love seeing the bond between you and M. You can always make him laugh. You miss him when he's not around. You'll bring him the toys and books you know he likes and play for awhile, even when they're not your favorites. You ask him to sing to you at night so you can go to sleep. He's lucky to have you.
7. You think hanging out in a fort made of boxes and couch cushions and blankets is the coolest thing in the world. Bonus if there are snacks and a movie on the portable DVD player involved.
8. You've been using an augmentative speech device and doing really well with it. We've also noticed a real increase in your vocal speech since you've been using it.

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