Monday, July 19, 2010

Lists from a Vacation

The boys and I just spent the better part of a week in NJ visiting my family. On the long drive home, this is what I was thinking about:

Stuff Brought to NJ:
  • Too many clothes for the boys, not enough for me.
  • Too much food in the cooler
  • Apparently not enough books
Stuff That Should Have Been Brought to NJ:
  • The main vitamins for P. (I bought all the secondary vitamins but left home the one that they all get mixed into)
  • Some meds (non-necessary ones)
  • The medicine eye dropper for the necessary one (but P. learned to swallow pills, yay!)
  • my swimsuit cover-up
Stuff Left in NJ:
  • Lots of hugs and kisses
  • 2 boy socks (not matching, naturally)**
  • 1 Buzz Lightyear*
  • 2 oil portraits of M & P (they needed to dry first)
  • 1 book the nephew was in the middle of
Stuff That Has to Go Back to NJ:
  • 1 portable DVD player and some movies, most particularly Beauty & the Beast
Stuff Acquired in NJ:
  • Lots of memories! cousins reading to each other in bed, Wii dragon battles, Friendly's ice cream, swimming, reading the paper, one little cousin dragging one big cousin *everywhere* (c'mon!), yummy food, book club, seeing friends, riding in each other's cars, going to the movies, taking uninterrupted showers, and many more...
  • As many snacks and drinks for the ride home as I could "steal" :-D
  • Some great photos that my friend K. took
  • Toy Story 3 toys/games (thanks Aunt D!)
  • 2 Koosh balls that also become spiky hats (thanks Aunt R!)
  • Clean laundry! Yay!

* updated: Buzz has been found under the seat of the car. Call off the search party!
** update to the update: I think I found the socks too, mixed in with mine.

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