Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nine Things About You at Age 9

Nine Years Old.

  1. You think the best vacation in the world would be a) Disneyland b) Wizarding World of Harry Potter c) Disney cruise or best of all d) all of the above in the same vacation. I don't know if that last one is possible but we'll work on it...
  2. Kingdom Hearts rules!
  3. You've stolen my buckwheat heating pad and refuse to give it back.
  4. Suddenly you have incredibly large feet and hands. Boy Feet and Boy Hands. I don't know where the cute little baby ones you had yesterday went.
  5. You like to write letters. So far you have heard back from 2 of your favorite authors (one with original artwork!) and the White House.
  6. You are always singing.
  7. You have a lot of curiousity about the world and it's history. For instance, because of a very brief scene in Return to Neverland, a trip to the library was in order to find out more about WWII and why kids in England were sent to the country.
  8. You notice everything and you hear everything.
  9. You will talk to your cousin G. on the phone for as long as I'll let you. And then do it again tomorrow.

  1. Wrestling matches & pillow fights with Dad & M. are the best.
  2. You go through a fake litany of body parts that hurt, trying to get kisses. You haven't figured out yet that you can just ask for the kiss by itself.
  3. Current favorite movie: Lilo and Stitch. Which has led to an interest in Elvis music and the hula.
  4. You will sit and play a board game or turn-taking game now, if you understand the rules. Zingo, Richard Scarry's BusyTown, dominoes...
  5. You got a set of Disney figures for your birthday. You were thrilled and told us over and over who all the characters were. I watched you playing with them today and you were very purposefully making them interact together. What was very interesting to me was which figures you paired together: Winnie the Pooh and the Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty. Ariel and Scar. Cruella DeVil and Cinderella. I wish I could hear the stories you are telling in your head.
  6. You have been doing great at dance class, participating in everything and getting ready for your recital in May. We've gotten past the "smoothie as a bribe" stage.
  7. You are finally old enough to participate in Special Olympics. Bowling is the sport right now, which you have done before and enjoy. Bonus that a lot of your friends are participating too.
  8. You like to go around turning the lights off on everyone. Unless we want them off. Like when we're sleeping. Then you go around turning them on.
  9. You adore the babysitter, K. In fact when I come home from work, you try and shut the door on me because you know that means she has to go home. She adores you back.

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Heather said...

*love* this. Every year.