Friday, December 9, 2011

More Entries from My Encyclopedia

  • Sheetrobics - (No, not *that*, this is a family encyclopedia!) The workout you get from trying to put the sheets back on the kids' beds each day without dislodging 8 billion stuffed animals, 10 blankets, 8 pillows and a sippy cup. All the while exclaiming "what do you *do* at night? most people just sleep!" over and over.
  • Sheet Ring - the grubby bottom third of the sheet when laundry day comes. You asked your kids if they washed their feet and they said yes. Silly you, you believed them.
  • Compucrastination - the art of putting off whatever you don't want to do by clicking on all the blogs you follow, facebook, your email, etc. - every fifteen minutes.
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