Friday, January 9, 2015

A Series of Haikus Celebrating Winter

Today is our first real snow day:-D

whisper in the dark
snuggle down in soft blankets
yay no school today
hate this itchy hat
and these gloves are too awful
Mom do I have to
cold air fills my lungs
makes my cheeks red and my nose run
sun fools me, not warm
my shovel lifting
sparkly frozen arcs of ice
pavement hides below
back into the warmth
smell of bacon makes me happy
now for the fun part
cousins will come
to build a massive snowman
or maybe a fort
snowball fight breaks out
oh! icy cold down my neck
that's not very nice
hot cocoa after
with the big marshmallows please
and whipped cream too?
socks and snowpants in
the dryer tumbling round get
ready for round two

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