Sunday, February 15, 2015

13 Things About You at Age Thirteen

Teenagers!  Yikes!

  1.  You got Warhammer for Christmas and are enjoying the process of putting together your army.  You are thinking about paint colors and figuring out the rules of the game.
  2. Your favorite meal right now is fake chicken.  You're still not crazy about vegetables.
  3. You are very interested in healthy eating and I often find you replacing things in the grocery cart (and we eat pretty healthy already!)
  4. You like to try unusual drinks, like Birch Water (sap from birch trees) or things with vinegar in them.
  5. You still love archery.
  6. The family near-sightedness has appeared.  Your glasses will be ready this week.
  7. You want to be in charge of the garden this year.  Maybe that way it will actually happen.
  8. You like your hair a little bit longer.
  9. Your favorite shirts are the ones with the hoods.
  10. Your favorite movies right now are The Hobbit (all of them) and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
  11. You love to sneak up on us ninja style.
  12. You are still a night owl.
  13. We like to watch baking shows together.  The current favorite is the Great British Baking Show.

  1. Swimming is still your best thing.
  2. Your favorite Christmas gift was Wiggles DVDs.
  3. You are a pro at using the iPad.
  4. Spaghetti or any kind of pasta is still your favorite meal.
  5. Your favorite shirts are the ones with stripes.
  6. You like your hair a little bit shorter.
  7. You love to set the table and you like it when we have dinner by candlelight.
  8. Every morning I scrub your face and then realize your face is not dirty, you have the start of a mustache.  Eek!
  9. You are still a lark.
  10. You like to go grocery shopping, especially at BJ's.  
  11. You still love hats and wear one every day.  The current favorite is a black top hat.  But I think this plaid one you got for your birthday might replace it.
  12. The physical therapist at school says you love the exercise bike and the treadmill.  She has to make you get off!  We were very surprised to hear this.
  13. You love to take photos.  Of what you are watching on television, of things in the refrigerator, of us, sometimes even yourself in the mirror.  And you take a lot of them, you can fill up a memory card in a few minutes.  I keep the really good ones.

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