Monday, February 13, 2017

Fifteen Things About You at Age 15

  1. You still love animation and are doing some yourself.  Way cool.
  2. When you're not doing that, you're working out - calesthenics, weights, working a heavy bag, jumping rope.
  3. When you're not doing that, you're batch cooking healthy meals for yourself.  Chicken, veggies, quinoa, lots of good stuff.  I may delegate the cooking to you from now on!
  4. All that healthy food and exercise has had an effect on your overall health.  Normally by this time in the winter you have missed about 10 days of school.  This year?  Not a sniffle. (knocking on wood though just in case)
  5. You are still a voracious reader, but dislike the dystopian stuff that is everywhere these days.
  6. High school was a bit of a shaky start - all that freedom!  You had a few "not working to potential" issues, but got that under control and still made the Honor Roll.
  7. Global history is your favorite subject at the moment, followed by Digital Media.
  8. Most of the time you pitch in on chores without having to be asked, which we appreciate.
  9. You sing a lot.  
  10. You have the best laugh.  
  11. Because of the early high school schedule, you have turned your natural night owl tendencies around and most nights you are in bed and out cold by 8:30 p.m.
  12. You had a great travelling summer - Iceland, back to Hoonah to see old friends, and visiting family.  
  13. You still like hooded shirts, the colors black, grey & burgundy, and any clothing that is soft.
  14. You are now taller than Mom and Dad.  We find that very disconcerting. 
  15. Pokemon Go!

  1. You still love anything and everything Disney.
  2. You swim at least twice a week and are adding another stroke to your repetoire - the crawl.
  3. In bowling you can throw the ball down the lane most of the time.
  4. You love to go out to a restaurant.  You would eat out every day if you could!
  5. You really enjoyed Technology this year and built a portable speaker. 
  6. You have grown a lot this year too.  You can look Mom in the eye now.
  7. You recently got a winter coat with fur trim on the hood, which you think is hilarious for some reason.  You like to put up the hood and peer out and say "meow."  LOL
  8. You love to help grocery shop.  At BJ's you scan the items at the self-checkout and load up the items into the cart.  At Wegman's you know exactly what we need in each aisle and are starting to order at the deli.  The smoothie at the end is the best part!
  9. You are running lots of errands at school without supervision.
  10. You have developed a fondness for 80's disco music and like to sing and dance along.  
  11. If you could go to Cradle Beach every week, you would.  And go to NJ on the way back.  On a plane.
  12. You are still an incorrigible flirt.
  13. You love art of all kinds - painting, coloring, clay.  
  14. Lollipops!
  15. You like solid color long-sleeve shirts like the Wiggles wear, anything brightly colored and of course many hats.  

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