Sunday, September 2, 2007

Calling All Inventors

Have you ever thought of a great idea for a product, a million dollar idea, and then in the next week or so you see exactly what you were wishing for in the store? It's like you put your request out into the universe and your wish is granted. Or more likely, the universe is granting the wishes of people who thought of the same thing 2 years ago, or however long it takes to put stuff into production. So in the spirit of disposable toilet brushes and cleaning wipes (thank you SO much whoever wished first!) here are some things that I think would come in handy and would pay big $$ for:

Magnetic socks and shoes. They hold together with super-strong magnets so that your kids can't kick their shoes off anywhere and everywhere. Eventually you graduate to lesser strength and then none so they get their shoes on and off independently, but not before they've outgrown the "let's take off our shoe in the grocery store and make Mommy go look for it while the ice cream melts" stage.

Toy vacuum. This vacuum will not only suck up all the toys on your playroom floor, it will sort them into categories. That way when you open the vacuum to empty the chamber, you can just dump all the knights in their bin, the blocks in theirs, the cars in theirs, etc.

Nightlight that flashes colors and sounds an alarm when your child is in imminent danger of wetting the bed. Particularly if it's *your* bed.

Box that somehow expands to hold a huge quantity of stuff but doesn't take up any more room on your shelf. This would come in handy for hand-me-downs that are waiting to be grown into and all the art projects that come home from school. I could also stuff all my crafts supplies in there and my husband wouldn't be any the wiser. Come to think of it, he'll probably want one too.

Self-cleaning toilet. And if you could somehow include the floor and walls in the immediate vicinity (I have little boys remember) that would be ever so helpful. Well if I'm already wishing...