Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A New Chapter Begins

My little boys, the ones who were born yesterday, started kindergarten today. How is it possible that they are 5 already when I've only just done the pregnancy test and don't even know they are twins yet? I guess that old saying about time flying really *is* true...

P. was at first puzzled why we weren't getting in the car to go to school. When he realized we were going to wait in the driveway (the bus stop is in front of our house, yay for us!) with the big kids, well! His bus was a bit late but when it appeared he started jumping up and down in excitement. He climbed on without hesitation, wearing his now-trademark top hat and his new Batman backpack. He is attending a self-contained (13:1:1) classroom and just by chance knows a lot of the kids in his class already. Two of them were already on the bus this morning. We said hi to them, met the driver and the aide and then I had to convince hubby D. to get off the bus as cars were lining up. Let them get to school already!

M. was totally thrilled to be getting on the bus with his buddy from next door. He's been watching the bus pull up for 2 years now, waiting for his turn. Our neighbor volunteered to be M.'s "bus buddy" and walk him to his classroom, such a sweetheart. M. decided to wear his favorite blue soccer shirt and proudly showed off his camoflauge backpack (with matching lunchbox). I tried to get a few photos but no one really wanted to stand still for very long. He can be a motor mouth and a bossy boots as well, so I hope his teacher can help him tame those habits but not crush his imagination and leadership skills. When his bus arrived, he actually elbowed his way to the front of the line and strode to an empty seat like a pro. He never looked back, never waved, never even acknowledged us, the little stinker.

I admit to being a bit teary, more from the wonder of it all than any real concern about putting them on a bus. I know they'll both be fine and will have a wonderful time at school. I trust their teachers and their own instinct for learning. I'm more stressed about what to pack them for lunch!

Off you go, My Angel Boys. Spread your wings and fly. Have many adventures. Make new friends. Just remember to come home for dinner.

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