Thursday, September 6, 2007

Here's to Cary & Ingrid

For the past couple of days P. has been bringing me a video to put on: Indiscreet with Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman. I'd explain that it was a grownup movie and then put in Kipper, Barney or something else he likes. Finally after the 50th time, I gave in.

Now, Indiscreet is my favorite movie of all time so I'm perfectly happy to find an excuse to watch it. To me, it's the quintessential romantic comedy. How can you not enjoy looking at two of the most gorgeous people in the universe? Not to mention all those Dior clothes that Ingrid and Phyllis Calvert get to wear. Swoon!

But rock-'em-sock-'em boy movie material it's not. I thought the boys would disappear before the opening credits finished. Amazingly enough, they sat through the entire thing without a peep! P. didn't even snort. M. said he liked the piano music that played throughout.

So whether it was Cary, Ingrid or the clothes they liked, my guys certainly have good taste. It must be hereditary :-D It'll be awhile before they're mature enough for Highlander, but maybe they'll enjoy My Fair Lady or the Sound of Music. Or how about those Beauty & the Beast episodes with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman...

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