Friday, May 2, 2008

Doesn't Smell New, But Looks Pretty Good

Today I decided to clean out the car. Here's what I found:

  • 1.5 plastic easter eggs (1 purple, 1/2 green)
  • a metal monkey bookmark
  • a broken pirate eyepatch
  • 1 red wool headband
  • a baggie of crushed Lucky Charms cereal (no marshmallows)
  • 1 plastic thingamajig
  • 4 rocks
  • 10 books (2 Halloween theme)
  • 4 coloring books (2 Christmas theme)
  • 31 crayons (26 whole, 5 broken)
  • 1 colored pencil (yellow)
  • 1 cardboard tag that says "Rush" (what or to where I have no idea)
  • 6 bank envelopes (empty)
  • 4 raisin boxes (also empty)
  • at least half a box of petrified raisins scattered all over
  • 3 torn paper chef's hats from Ted's Hot Dogs
  • 3 donut bags (empty; 2 Tim Hortons, 1 Dunkin Donuts)
  • many many sprinkles from said donuts
  • 2 ATM receipts
  • 3 errand lists
  • 2 shopping lists
  • lots of used tissues
  • a bottle of eyeglass cleaner
  • 3 petrified french fries (we haven't eaten these in the car in I don't remember when. Other than the dust they looked a lot like they do when you buy them. That right there is probably reason enough to stop eating them)
  • 2 blankets
  • a box of emergency stuff (jumper cables, flares, etc.)
  • a box containing wipes, the harnesses & cup holders from the booster seats, portable potty liners, and a first aid kit)
  • the diaper bag (doesn't get daily use anymore but still good to have in case of emergencies)
  • 2 kid winter gloves (not matching)
  • 1 pair kid mittens (matching)
  • 3 baseball hats (1 adult, 2 child - too small now)
  • 1 winter coat (adult)
  • 1 windbreaker (adult)
  • 1 tobaggan
  • 1 tote bag of swim gear
  • a bag of gummy worms (empty)
  • 4 toy cars
  • 2 kaleidoscopes
  • 1 bendy plastic cat
  • 1 plastic princess ring (pink)
  • 2 plastic knights and thier matching horses
  • 1 transformer
  • 2 toy phones
  • 2 toy alphabet games
  • 2 drawing boards
  • 1 tic-tac-toe game
  • 1 broken happy meal toy
  • 1 winter scarf (child)
  • 1/2 box of tissues (clean)
  • my sunglasses
  • my wireless headset
  • 3 pens (2 blue, 1 red)
  • the snowbrush
  • 1 flashlight (still in package)
  • $2 in change ($1.45 that I spent later, .30 that I sucked up in the vacuum and .25 that I can see but can't get out)

What's in your car?

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Kristine McKowen said...

Holy moly girl - that's a lot of stuff! That would have been my old car. We got a new/used 2007 Durango 2 months ago and I've been trying to keep it neat and taking the junk out on a weekly basis - also trying to vacuum the dang thing too. As I was getting something out of the back of it last night I made a mental note to myself to clean it out.

Bats, coats, blankets, 12 pk of coke, large orange duffle bag of extra clothes (mostly sweatshirts - because the weather can't make up it's mind here in NJ) - bag of sunscreen, soccer ball, umbrella, my portfolio of photos, frame (to give to the chiropractor with Steven's photo for his wall of athlete's that he treats, husband's shoes (from christening on sunday - they had to go to baseball so he changed to his sneakers), bag of lollipops and gum (so we can stay away from the snack stand at baseball), baseball somewhere in the car (I can hear it rolling around while I drive).

I think it's way past the time to clean this car!