Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 3 Looking Better

We got up, ate an on-the-go breakfast and made it to the free movie at the local theatre by 10 am. We saw "Everyone's Hero" which was very cute and had a nice message. P. was very excited, knew why we were there and watched the whole thing with hardly a snort in earshot. Very big developmental milestone there! (I was half expecting to have to leave early.) I was also reminded that a medium size drink at the movies is an XL super jumbo size everywhere else. We'll be drinking Hi-C forever. Both boys have read or done some other educational activity for at least 45 minutes. Half of dinner is in the crockpot (taco salad) and morning glory muffins have been baked and no one chopped off their fingers. We'll head to the pool in about 45 minutes... House still looks like crap, but hey, there's always tomorrow. Or September.


Unknown said...

Hi! I saw your blog on the BPS Have More Fun message board, so I stopped in. Can I just say, you are hilarious. I love the "summer schedule" you and your boys came up with. My kids are 15 and 16 and that is always the way it turns out. The best laid plans, etc....Congrats on day 3 being better. I hope the last few have been good too! By the way, taco salad in a crockpot? Hmmm...interesting!

Just a Simple Gal - Judy in Huntsville - AL said...

Can I come live with you? Taco salad and morning glory muffins - two of my favorite things~ In fact - had a discussion with one son's girlfriend about how I might make a batch every time I go visit them at school next year...there's a thought [and there would be plenty for me as well!] Dddn't make any this week - but I did go by my favorite coffee shop and pick one up on the way to work Thursday - a special treat on a busy day for me - Judy in Huntsville from HAve More Fun]